By putting together materials like steel, paper, wood, paint - recycled for the most - I try to transform known elements into objects that challenge perception, setting question mark over authenticity and imitation. By using expressive deformation, abstraction and geometry I investigate scale, shape, construction, texture, tension and spatial essence or absence of matter. Trying to catch another dimensions of time, mass, materiality and form by experimenting in sculpture, installation, relief, drawing, photography and text.
The colour of steel joins the elements of the exhibition into a coherent whole, giving it a narrative content. It is a materialization of anxiety, a futuristic vision, in which perhaps human beings will only be a kind of consciousness record and put in the body of indescribable forms of technological progress.

By shattering the cold climate of the futuristic system, the mismatched element pierces the space with sharp contrasting color and free, amoebic movement. It is an organism, perhaps the last one on this imaginary world, of flesh and blood. It's a hope. Hope for Life. The intervention by Beata Daria Kubecka.

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Galvanized steel, rivets

The sculptures are inspired by beetles from the subfamily Cicindela. These airy insects are predators that live in sunny dry places. Many of the species have metallic, strong colors. The sculptures are the Cicindelas of the future. Using expressive deformation, abstraction and geometry, I examine scale, form, construction, texture, tension and spatial essence and the absence of matter. The steel / silver color is a symbol of technological progress. It is a materialization of futuristic vision, in which humans are no longer the dominant species, oppressed by indescribable forms created by technological progress.The purpose is to evoke a deeper reflection on the historical condition of human existence and intrusion into nature.


Galvanized steel, rivets


Recycled steel, lacquer

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Steel, wood